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DWI/DUI Defense In Texas

For over 30 years, The Law Firm of A Dallas DWI Lawyer has helped people in Dallas - Fort Worth, Arlington and Fort Worth fight criminal DWI charges. Every Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney in our employ works to provide clients with an optimal outcome, no matter what charges they face. We offer an aggressive defense against all charges to obtain the maximum number of not guilty verdicts and dropped cases as is possible for a firm our size.

Our firm exclusively focuses on DWI defense and we have recruited many top Dallas - Fort Worth drunk driving defense attorneys to this means. Our experience in the field has shown us the flaws in the Texas laws and testing methods for suspected drunk drivers. Each Dallas - Fort Worth attorney in our office works to uphold our client’s constitutional rights to prevent unreasonable traffic stops, illegal searches, unconstitutional blood withdrawals and more.

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When you need a Dallas - Fort Worth Lawyer, don't hire just anybody. Contact someone with years of experience and a sterling reputation from The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer.

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