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A loss of driving privileges is quite frustrating and frequently results in a lot more time spent at home. Unfortunately, some people cannot handle license suspensions and choose to drive despite lacking the rights to do so. If you drove on a suspended license and were pulled over, you could be in some major trouble for Driving With a License Suspension, or DWLS.

In Texas, this criminal charge is a Class B misdemeanor and is punishable by up to six months jail time and a $500 fine. If you have had any prior convictions for DWLS, the offense will then be a Class A misdemeanor that can result in up to one year in jail and $4,000 in fines. These trials are not a matter to be taken lightly and you should always elect to hire a quality Dallas - Fort Worth driving with a license suspension attorney. We are very familiar with driving laws in Texas and have defended many people who have decided to drive after receiving a DWI license suspension.

Many people who are caught driving with a suspended license are not even aware their driving privileges have been revoked. The Department of Public Safety sends notices of suspension to the last known address on an individual’s driver’s license. Unfortunately, many of these addresses are outdated and because the DPS has requested the US Postal Service not forward any of their letters, most of these letters are never are delivered. Our Dallas - Fort Worth DUI attorneys can use a lack of knowledge about a suspension in your favor. This defense is achievable. Many times, our firm can negotiate your charges down to a minor fine. Of course, this will frequently depend on the reason your license has been suspended, which can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

Whatever the reason for your license suspension, a talented Dallas - Fort Worth drunk driving defense lawyer from our firm could mean the difference from spending time in jail and being free to work on getting your license reinstated. If you have had your license suspended, please respect the law and do not drive until you get things taken care of through your local Fort Worth, Arlington or Dallas - Fort Worth DPT office.

If you did act impatiently and are now facing charges for Driving With a License Suspension, contact the Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer. Please schedule your free case evaluation and initial consultations with any trained Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney on our staff. We look forward to finding a way to help you.

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