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Boating While Intoxicated

A day at the lake, a motorboat, a few beers and some good friends. Sounds like a great way to spend the day, right? Well, your day could be ruined if you mix alcohol with boating. If you are in control of a water vessel, you cannot have a BAC above 0.08% or you could be charged with Boating While Intoxicated or (BWI), in which case, you will need the expertise of a talented Dallas - Fort Worth BWI attorney from The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer.

Our state is exceptionally strict about preventing boat operators from drinking, as we have the most boat-related fatalities of any state. We also have the most miles of inland water of any state -even our Metroplex has around 12 lakes. Police officers throughout Texas closely monitor their lakes and rivers and officers in Fort Worth are periodically flooded with work to keep operators “dry.” In fact, because it is such a dangerous situation, Texas law allows “safety checks on water vessels, allowing law enforcement to board your boat without any reason. So unlike a traffic stop, a waterway stop does not even require an officer to have reasonable suspicion before he or she stops you.

Boating While Intoxicated is just as serious as a DWI, with the exception that it will not result in a license suspension. If you refuse to take a chemical test though, your license will be suspended and subject to an Administrative License Revocation, just like when you drive.

Our Dallas DWI Attorney Reccomends Refusing the Float Test

When you are stopped under suspicion of BWI, the officer may ask you to take a “float test,” which is a modified version of a Field Sobriety Test. Refuse to take this test. Just like the FST, the float test is designed for you to fail and will only provide the arresting officer with more evidence regarding your guilt. If you are arrested, you will be required to provide a chemical test, just like you would with a DWI. If you refuse to provide a sample for testing, you will be subject to license suspension, but there will be less evidence to use against you in court. If you provide a sample, choose a breathalyzer test, as it will be easier for your Dallas - Fort Worth BWI lawyer to dispute the test’s validity. Even if you fail your breathalyzer test, your license will not be suspended.

Boating While Intoxicated is a Class B misdemeanor, with a minimum jail sentence of 72 hours and a minimum fine of $2,000. Just like its on-land counterpart, BWI charges require the experience of a talented Dallas - Fort Worth BWI attorney to dispute the evidence against you and work to have your charges reduced or dropped.

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