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Most people have never hired a Dallas - Fort Worth lawyer. Most people will never need to. But for those of you who do, be sure you hire a well-qualified and highly-experienced attorney.

At The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer, every Dallas - Fort Worth attorney in our employ is a top attorney not only in the Metroplex, but in the state of Texas at large. Whether you are a Fort Worth soccer mom found weaving on the I-30 or an Arlington construction worker pulled over for driving too slow on Cooper Street, we know you have the right to a skilled Dallas - Fort Worth lawyer.

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Our lawyers are never judgmental. We know many people pulled over for suspicion of DWI have not been drinking but are instead tired or ill. Even if you were drinking, our attorneys understand that the state BAC limit of 0.08% does not reflect actual driver intoxication levels. If you have high tolerance, you could be completely non-intoxicated, despite the state’s arbitrary number that says you are.

Whatever your specific circumstances, a Dallas - Fort Worth attorney from The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer will fight to protect your rights and your freedom. Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you fight your DWI charges.


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