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DWI Glossary

Absorption Rate -The speed of alcohol entering the blood stream and intoxicating a person. This number will vary from person to person and is based on weight, food consumption, metabolism and sleep deprivation.

Administrative License Revocation -The automatic license suspension that occurs after a person receives a DWI. You only have a few days to file for an appeal for this suspension, so contact a Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney as soon as you are charged with a DWI.

BAC -The blood alcohol content of a person who has been drinking. If your blood sample has more than 0.08% alcohol in it, you may be charged with a DWI.

Blood Test -A blood test to measure the BAC of a person suspected to be intoxicated.

Breath Test -A test to estimate a person's BAC using a breath sample. Because these tests do not directly measure the alcohol content of the blood, they are commonly inaccurate and can be fought against with the help of a Dallas - Fort Worth Lawyer.

Burnoff -The rate a body metabolizes alcohol and returns to a state of sobriety.

DWI -Driving While Intoxicated

DWID -Driving While Intoxicated by Drugs

Open Container Laws -Laws banning driving with open alcoholic beverages in the vehicle.

Reckless Driving -Dangerous driving

Regurgitation -The act of ejecting stomach contents into the mouth, including throwing up, belching or gurgling. If you regurgitate before giving a breath sample, your results may be invalid and can be fought with the help of a Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney.

Standardized Field Sobriety Test -A roadside test used to evaluate sobriety. These tests are not mandatory and are unreliable, which is why your Dallas - Fort Worth Lawyer will fight to have this evidence ignored in the court.

Urine Test -A DWI test that uses a urine sample to measure the BAC.

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