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Challenge Your BAC Test Results

When you are accused of a DWI, there are three tests a Texas State Trooper can choose to measure your level of intoxication. The tests involve taking a sample of your blood, breath or urine. At The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer, we urge you not to take a chemical test unless you are certain your BAC is well-below the legal limit. If you do not take a test, you will not face any additional penalties than you would if you failed the test. But if you fail the test, the state will have more evidence to use against, making for a harder defense from your Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney.

As you can see on each of the individual test pages, the most accurate test type is the blood test, followed by the breathalyzer and then the urinalysis. None of these tests are 100% accurate all the time though. Each test has its own set of flaws that your Dallas - Fort Worth DUI BAC attorney can demonstrate in court.

Record the Details to Tell Your Dallas DWI Lawyer

Whenever you face criminal charges, the first thing you should do is write a record of everything that happened during the crime and the arrest process. You may be amazed how much a little detail may affect your case. For example, if you were arrested in Arlington and took a blood test at the local jail, if there was no white powder in the test tube, your results may be invalid. The powder in the tube is an indication that the sample has anticoagulant and preservatives in it, making it suitable for travel and testing. Without these two key chemicals in the sample, the blood can ferment or clot, resulting in a much higher BAC than you actually had.

Alternatively, if you were in Arlington, had a few drinks, stopped by Denny’s for a snack on your way home and were immediately pulled over, you should not take a breathalyzer test for 30 minutes after you eating. Testing a person’s breath within half an hour of eating or 15 minutes of belching will result in a false positive. Your Dallas - Fort Worth DUI BAC lawyer should know all the specifics of your arrest in order to provide you the strongest defense.

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