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While breath tests are used more frequently on DWI suspects, officers are increasingly opting to use blood tests to measure a person’s intoxication level. Many law enforcement officials do not like blood tests because they are more expensive, more invasive and can be retested by a client’s Dallas - Fort Worth DWI blood test attorney. In reality, blood tests are better for officers. They are more accurate than breathalyzers and can be used to test for drug use. For a while, Texas allowed officers to test a person’s blood without consent, but this law has been found unconstitutional and you now have the right to refuse a blood test.

If you have been arrested for a DWI and have been asked to take a blood test, refuse. That is, unless you are certain your BAC is below 0.08%. For example, if you only had one or two drinks over 3 hours ago, you may opt to take a chemical test to prove your innocence and avoid a license suspension and DWI charge. However, if you have any question about your BAC, you’re best off not taking the test.

If you have taken the blood test and tested positive, your guilt is not necessarily confirmed yet. There are multiple requirements the sample must meet or it cannot be entered as evidence. For the test to be admissible, the prosecution must be able to show several things.

Our Dallas DWI Attorney Will Question Whether:

When you hire an experienced Dallas - Fort Worth DWI blood test attorney, he or she will perform an independent forensic analysis of the blood. We will ensure that anticoagulants and preservatives were added to maintain the sample’s quality. We will follow the path the blood sample followed until it arrived at the lab, if part of this path is missing from the State’s paperwork, the sample is inadmissible. If any part of the journey resulted in the blood being held in an unsuitable storage place, we will have the sample suppressed as evidence. If you were forced against your will, to provide the blood sample, we will get your charges dropped.

We may re-test the blood to ensure the lab’s accuracy and if there is any question if the blood was actually yours, we will test the blood type and maybe even DNA against your own. Police officers and medical professionals that perform blood tests are humans, and humans make mistakes. There have been times where the sample submitted in court did not belong to the defendant. Even if your Dallas - Fort Worth DUI blood test lawyer only finds a discrepancy of a few points in your BAC level, this could mean the difference between your conviction and freedom.

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