Aggressive Driving Caused By Alcohol Consumption and DWI

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Drunk driving can result in a number of dangerous operating behaviors, one of the worst of which is aggressive driving. Whether or not a result of intoxication, aggressive driving is highly reckless and causes thousands of accidents every year. That is why police are always on the lookout for aggressive drivers. When they discover an aggressive driver is also drunk, they will often charge the driver with a DWI and other charges related to reckless driving, including excessive speeding and tailgating. If you have been charged with drunk driving after you were pulled over for aggressive operation of a vehicle, please call a top Dallas DWI lawyer.

Common signs of aggressive driving that police officers keep an eye out for include excessive speed, frequent lane changes, excessive use of the horn, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic and displays of road rage. These behaviors are generally illegal and will often result in your being pulled over and cited, and in many cases, arrested. When the officer discovers you are intoxicated though, the consequences become even more dire. Fortunately, you can fight these accusations with the help of a Dallas DWI attorney.

When you have been stopped by the police, they must have a valid reason. If they claim that you were tailgating another car, they must be able to say how close you were. If they say that you were displaying signs of road rage, they must have more evidence than the fact that you had an angry face. If they cannot show a good reason for pulling you over, your charges may be dropped, as this is a serious violation of your rights. These are the types of things a Dallas DWI lawyer will look for in your case.

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Additionally, the fact that you were driving aggressively is not sufficient to show that you were intoxicated. A Dallas DWI attorney can help you fight the field sobriety test and the breathalyzer to help you prove your innocence when it comes to drunk driving.

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