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Urine tests can be used by police officers to measure your intoxication levels through drugs or alcohol consumption. Urine tests are said to be as accurate as 98%, but the problem is that these tests are fairly inaccurate when it comes to pinpointing the time of consumption, an important part of the State’s prosecution of a DWI case. As a result, these are the least common method of testing for DWI suspects and the easiest test for your Fort Worth urine test DWI defense lawyer to prove inconclusive.

If you failed a urinalysis and are now facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, contact a Fort Worth urine test DWI defense attorney. These tests are a very ineffective method of testing for a DWI. Marijuana may stay in a person’s system for up to five weeks and if you are a chronic user, your urinalysis will say you were on marijuana at the time of driving, when it could have been days since you last smoked.

When it comes to alcohol, urine tests may show if you drank within the last 80 hours, however, these measurements are weak indicators in regards to your BAC at the time of driving. Your bladder may have contents from the time you were drinking mixed in with fresh urine from just before the test. A talented Fort Worth urine test DWI/DUI defense lawyer will understand the fallacies of urinalysis and be able to demonstrate this lack of evidence to the jury.

Our Fort Worth DWI Attorney Can Find the Flaws in Your Testing Process

In addition, urine tests must be handled in much the same way as blood samples. The person administering the test must be a professional, the sample must be taken in a sanitary place, not in a Fort Worth jailhouse bathroom, and the sample’s journey to the laboratory must be documented completely. If the State’s documentation neglects to mention any part of the trip taken by the sample on its way to the lab, the evidence cannot be admissible.

Essentially, if you are being charged with a DWI and the main evidence against you is a urine sample, it is highly likely your charges will be dropped. Contact a Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney from The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer today to schedule your free initial consultation and case evaluation. We operate throughout the entire Metroplex area, so call today.

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