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Dallas Felony DWI Lawyer

Dallas Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Texas has a number of different circumstances that will result in a DWI becoming a felony offense. If a person was injured or killed due to another person’s choice to drive while intoxicated, that offense will be a felony. Additionally, if a person has been charged with a DWI at least two times before, subsequent offenses will also be felonies. Sentencings vary depending on which felony charge you have been accused of.

If this is your third or subsequent DWI, you will be facing a third degree felony with a prison sentence between two and ten years and a $10,000 fine. These same conditions apply if you have injured someone while driving drunk, in which case, you will be charged with Intoxication assault. If you receive four DWIs within a ten year period, your driver’s license will be permanently revoked.

If you killed someone by driving drunk, you can be charged with intoxication manslaughter. If you are convicted on this charge, you may receive up to twenty years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

DWI/DUI Defense in Texas

Felony DWIs are serious criminal charges. If you are charged with a felony DWI of any type, you will need the experience of a top Dallas - Fort Worth felony drunk driving defense lawyer. The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer can help fight for reduced charges or a not guilty verdict. If it is a good option in your circumstance, we may work with the prosecuting attorney to negotiate a winning plea bargain. If your rights were violated or if evidence is lacking in your case, a Dallas - Fort Worth felony DWI attorney from our firm will argue for the court to drop all charges.

Whatever DWI charges you face in the Metroplex area, contact a knowledgeable Dallas - Fort Worth felony DUI lawyer from The Law Office of A Dallas DWI Lawyer. We work hard to provide every client with a successful outcome to their charges. If you would like to hear more about how our firm can help you in your individual circumstances, contact a Dallas - Fort Worth DWI attorney from our office to schedule your free initial consultation.